I told you

Yepp, as I told you two days ago the vix was on a homerun and here’s the result:

Vix is gaining 11% as of today 7.43 PM CET


Whilst IBEX lost 2.30%…


today I closed the 10400 put (a little bit early but, huh), and I recorded a loss of -28 euros.


Consider that it was worth 4 euros this morning, and it reached 89 euros this afternoon. It’s not bad having recovered 36 euros (40 – 4) out of 68 (the cost).
So, what to say to those ama selling options? You crazy!

I was really tempted to take a long this evening on Ibex June future contract at 10360 approx, but I am holdin on.

Well, till next time


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