Trading the opposite

Ok this morning i had a quick trade in order to recover the cost of some commissions.

Then i placed a long future order at 10240 and another buy order of 10 put strike 6700 exp december at 13 euro each.


As you can see the price reached 10260, I was obviously not filled and then it recovered.

Okay doesn’t matter. I am pretty confident the market will continue its downtrend as the vix has still some room on its way up.

When it reached 10460 the market maker filled me the 10 puts. Sh** I forgot that order! so i was forced to long a future at a damn price of 10465: ok I missed the minimum by 20 euros and still missed the maximum by 20 euros, but I bought the high not the low!! 😦

The market will force me to long another future, I suppose at approx 9800, I feel it even if I don’t like predictions.


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